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Teachings of Sufi Samrat

The Revivor of Muhammadi Islam, Sufi Samrat Hazrat Mahbub-E-Khoda Dewanbagi (Maddazilluhul Ali) Hujur Qibla was sent by Allah the Magnificent to maintain the eternal continuity of guidance to uphold the great ideals and teachings of Hazrat Rasul (Sm) or "Muhammadi Islam" to the people of this age as the beacon light of peace and freedom.Through the spiritual knowledge and expression of high regard for the Great Prophet Hazrat Rasul (Sm), He has uncovered the hidden truth about the Great Prophet (Sm) with the light of the Holy Qur'an and the Hadith. People have eternal peace in the core of their hearts (qalb) and forget all worldly sorrows and distresses when they come to visit Sufi Samrat Hazrat Dewanbagi (Maddazilluhul Ali) Hujur Qibla. Practicing the teachings of Sufi Samrat, a person can become an Asheq-E-Rasul [beloved of Rasul (Sm) - the Great Prophet] and can see Rasul (Sm) in his/her dream or during meditation. All are required to follow His basic four lessons for attaining the unimaginable benefits of day to day life and the life after.